Why checkgeodata.net

Are your spatial datasets valid and consistent? Do they meet your data specifications? How much time do you spend in verifying and revising your data? Who guarantees the quality? Many question – one simple solution: checkgeodata.net.

A fast and simple online-check of the data assures a consistent database, saves time and resources and reduces follow-up costs due to data deficits.
The advantages of this test service are:

  • Saving of time, because the effort of checking is shifted from the recipient to the data originator
  • Prevention of quality problems
  • Automatic increase of quality
  • Simple control and documentation of data deliveries

The service pays for itself quickly:

  • Supposition: 300 – 400 new or revised data sets per year, 2 – 3 revisions each
  • Time for control and revision: 1 hour
  • Hourly rate CAD/GIS engineer: € 50,--
  • Cost for manual control and revision per year: 900 x € 50,00 = € 45.000,00
Investing in a checkgeodatan.net pays for itself after a few months.

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